Independent Winegrowers (others)

All the winegrowers of the "Champagne, Terroir, Etc." are independent Champagne winegrowers.

In addition to these, we distribute other Independent Champagne and Bubbles Winegrowers.

As a reminder:

An independent winemaker offers you wines he has produced from A to Z, c. to r .:

  1. On his land grow his vines
  2. He takes care of it
  3. he harvests the fruits of his vines, the bunches of grapes
  4. He squeezes them and collects the juice.
  5. He vinifies these juices.
  6. Bottled
  7. He markets the fruits of his labor
  8. All these operations are carried out on its farm and, in most cases, with its own equipment.

There are independent winegrowers all over France.

Some winegrowers that we market are really independent winegrowers, although they are not, for personal reasons, affiliated with this association (1901 type, as they say in France).

Very often, the big houses are eager to acquire part of the productions (grapes or juice) of these artisites that are the independent winegrowers.