Champagne DAUBY

Champagne Dauby

Inheritance of a philosophy

The soul of Champagne Dauby is the story of the meeting of two families of winemakers, that of Thérèse Tissier and Guy Dauby, lovers of the land and wine.

From a few plots inherited from their parents and at the cost of hard work, they constitute one of the best vineyards s hillsides of Aÿ and Mutigny. In 1956, the fantastic adventure of Champagne begins. They acquire small champagne oak pieces and make their first vintage under their own name:

This is the birth of Champagne DAUBY!

Guy and Thérèse share a common vision: passionately cultivating natural resources of their terroir with respect for the land, fauna and flora.

This philosophy of respect for life, of purity was transmitted to us and today Mother and Daughter; we work in harmony with nature to give birth to champagne s of terroir, flowery in aromas. The poppy symbolizes this commitment but also participates in a great adventure: hope, take care of yourself so that you can be attentive to your neighbor in all humility. This flower is our guide because it is frail and vulnerable and yet it is of an intense color, it embellishes our vines and it stands upright, erect towards the sky. She is fully herself! Today we want to go even further by helping research for rare diseases.

A prestigious terroir

The House has the privilege of being locate in the historic cradle of Grands Champagnes, in Aÿ-Champagne.

Classified as 100% Grand Cru, the Aÿ terroir is one of the most prestigious in the Champagne appellation. Already around 344, the Gallo-Romans knew Aÿ and its vineyard. In the 16th century, King Henry IV proclaimed himself "Sire d'Aÿ et de Gonesse" and Aÿ wine was classified among the first in France.

The Dauby vineyard is planted with 60% Pinot Noir grapes complemented by Chardonnay. It represents 8 hectares of vines in 5 villages including 1 Grand Cru, Aÿ, 3 Premiers Crus, Mutigny, Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, Avenay and Barbonne-Fayel. By being totally owners of our grapes, we control each viticultural stage, from planting to harvest, and guarantee the origin of our wines.

Dauby works with the permanent concern of preserving the vines, soils and biodiversity while minimizing the impact on the environment. The aim is to create exceptional wines with reflections of their terroir.

This is why Maison Dauby takes special care of the soil to promote rooting and microbial life. Laboratory analyzes help to better understand the earth and provide it with what it needs. Chemical fertilizers and insecticides are banned. Grassing is preferred over herbicides and treatments against vine diseases are reduced to their absolute minimum.

La Maison Dauby is in the process of obtaining certification for High Environmental Value and for a part in organic farming

A Subtle Art

Maison Dauby aims to preserve and transmit the personality of its terroir by creating with great rigor, authentic wines that will delight your taste buds!

A perfect maturity of the grapes, well balanced between freshness and roundness, is expected before harvesting them by hand. The entire harvest is delicately pressed in a traditional wooden press ensuring optimal quality.

Each vintage, plot and grape variety is pressed and vinified separately.

From this diversity will be born so many promising aromas for future blends.

After fermentation, the wines rest for more than 8 months, essential time to fully express their aromatic intensity.

Each year, part of the harvest, which has good growth potential, is kept in oak casks and barrels. These reserve wines benefit from a slow and progressive micro oxygenation through the wood. They provide a base for the blends by their more mature character of advanced wines and ensure the complexity and the typicity of our Champagnes. This makes it possible to obtain a palette of wines with different origins: geology, exhibition, grape variety, old vines, reserve wines, wines of the year, in vats or in barrels ... As an artist chooses his pigments, it is the subtle marriage of this organoleptic mosaic which gives birth to the personality of each of the cuvées, while perpetuating the Dauby style: a perfect balance between structure, elegance, concentration and fruit!

A Haven of Peace

It is in the silence of cellars dug out of chalk more than a century ago that the fruit of patient and delicate work is born. The sugar is slowly transformed into alcohol and natural carbon dioxide ensuring foaming. The gas remains trapped and will give the fine bubbles, the light and persistent foam that signs this Champagne.
Dauby cellars provide perfect humidity and temperature conditions for a slow and regular maturation, guarantee of fine and flourishing Champagnes. The aging time depends on the style of Champagne sought. A minimum of 30 months is required for Traditional Champagnes while the Vintages and Cuvée Flore bloom for more than 5 years, developing aromas of fullness.
Tirage sur liège, méthode ancestrale

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