Cantina VentiVenti 20/20

Cantina VentiVenti

Società Agricola Il Borghetto

About Venti Venti

The Razzaboni have been farmers and entrepreneurs for generations, Vittorio had this barely controllable desire to give life, together, to a ambitious project that he could share with his sons.

It all started with an idea, to create superior quality Bubbles that would truly reflect their terroir, and its realization, through the dedication of part of their land to this new activity, the planting of vines and the construction of the VentiVenti cellar.

This was possible thanks to the imagination, practicality and diligence of Vittorio Razzaboni quickly joined by his sons Riccardo, Andrea and Tommaso.

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Proof of their commitment and their attachment to their land, the cellar, their tool, they built it in the middle of the vines so that they would be enveloped, bathed by this land and its fruits.

The Razzaboni are the synthesis between tradition and personal vision, they are at the same time essential to the production of their wine.

Their property extends over 45ha north of Modena, in the heart of from Emilia-Romagna.

They lovingly cultivate local grape varieties such as Sorbara, Salaminoi di Santa Croce, Pignolette or Ancellotta, as well as some more common varieties such as Pinot Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay.

The Razzaboni have put all their energy, all their passion into their cellars, soon joined by a reception and presentation building.
So they have the perfect tools to produce superb cuvées imprinted with
their terroir and to comfortably receive their visitors,
customers in a space of 900m2 , associations, distributors, importers or working groups
whether for an event, a tasting or a sale.
The goal was to present the first vintage of the house in 2020, but the
Covid in decided otherwise.
The estate and its productions are certified organic, an evidence for these artisans and their desire to respect their terroir.
These wines are a new expression of the terroir of Emilia Romagna. < / p>


The priceless of tradition, the disruptive force of innovation, absolute respect for nature and its seasons.
Past, present and future guide our daily choices.

Since the planting of the first vineyard in 2016, VentiVenti promotes organic agriculture, healthy and respectful of the territory, the vineyard and those who work it. A green choice that reflects our being and allows us to obtain healthy grapes with a recognizable taste every day, through which we tell our story.

A perfect combination between tradition and innovation, between ancient and modern, between nature and technology. VentiVenti is in the middle, seeking perfection by taking the best of each world.


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VentiVenti strives every day to make its cellar more sustainable, and it does so by working on three aspects that are fundamental to us:

    < li> Bio : since day zero, we are committed to creating organic agriculture that fully respects nature, the environment, the vineyard and those who work it.
  • Photovoltaic : thanks to our photovoltaic system we are already producing 40kw per year, but the objective is much more ambitious. Our desire is to become as autonomous as possible from an energy point of view, both in the cellar and in the vineyard.
  • Irrigation system : we use a system precision and advanced irrigation that allows greater respect for the environment. It is a highly technological, innovative and sustainable drip irrigation system. The secret lies in gout which allows a significant reduction in the consumption of nutrients and water. VentiVenti has chosen Irritec as a partner for this sustainability project.

Every machine, every tool has been chosen to support the "green" soul of Ventiventi.

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Ventiventi represents innovation. Innovation understood as modernity. Through technological progress and modernization, we aim to offer a quality product with the greatest respect for the earth, plants and the environment, taking care of order and precision. For the success of our wines we do not rely on chemistry, but on the balance of nature, thanks to new technologies we considerably reduce the use of copper and sulfur.

With our brand new harvesting machine we are able to bring the grapes inside our cellars in the best possible conditions, this allows us a low use of sulphites.

Modernity in Ventiventi is synonymous with quality and efficiency, but never neglects respect for nature and tradition.

VentiVenti , in a few elements:

  • 2 digits,
    • 45 Hectares
    • 8 local grape varieties.
  • BIO
  • All on site
    • Like the Vignerons Indépendants Champenois,
      • The VentiVenti take care of their vines and their wines, from A to Z. They are artisans winegrowers.
      • in addition to "base" grape varieties such as Chardonnay, they mainly use local grape varieties such as Sorbara.
    • What differentiates them a little from French Independent Winegrowers is the extent of their domain