Champagne Jacques Picard

Our philosophy

Independent winegrowers for 3 generations, we perpetuate our know-how by mixing tradition and modern viticulture, while respecting the land and the vine.

It also seems essential to us to preserve the quality and characteristics of our champagnes year after year.

From the work in the vineyard to our modern facilities, everything is done to perfectly master the vinification process of our champagne. And our cellars, dug underground in chalk, allow the conservation of our champagnes in optimal conditions for several years.

Les Crus


Historic cradle of our Champagne, Berru is located 7 km north-east of Reims.

Its hillsides, located on the side of Mont de Berru, in the extension of the Montagne de Reims, are of average slope and benefit from a south-eastern sunshine. The wines that come from it are characterized by their body and their roundness.

Avenay Val d'Or

This terroir classified as "Premier Cru" is a benchmark in Champagne.

It is located in the "Grands Noirs" region, near Epernay. This exceptional vintage allows the Pinot Noir to express all its power there.


Located in the middle of the Reims Mountain, Montbré is also a region classified as "Premier cru". Its wines are renowned for their finesse and elegance.

History of the Maison Jacques Picard


C ' It was at the end of the 1950s that grandfather Roger Picard, then Mayor of Berru, planted his first vines, on his plots which had recently received the appellation Champagne. In the early 1960s, Jacques Picard, our father, joined the estate and produced his first champagnes under his own name.

Champagne Jacques Picard was born.

1970- 1980

Jacques Picard has made numerous investments over the years with the aim of perpetuating the operation and controlling the quality of production. The vineyard is developed, the cellars are enlarged in the basement and the building undergoes multiple extensions. Maison Jacques Picard then carries out all the stages of champagne production on the family farm, from planting to marketing.

1990-20 ..

Sylvie and Corinne, the two daughters of Jacques Picard, took over in the 1990s. Together, accompanied by José, Corinne's husband, they continued the development and modernization of the farm, respecting traditions and concern for the quality that characterizes Maison Jacques Picard.

Harvesting owner - Handling, our champagne is produced on our farm, with grapes exclusively from our vines.

< p> The Jacques Picard house produces champagnes, coteaux champenois and ratafias.