Refund policy

Right of cancellation / Return

The buyer has a period of fourteen (14) calendar days to inform Artisans Bubbles / DCM Services that he waives his purchase, either that he no longer wishes this order, or that the products ordered and / or delivered, and provided that their packaging is intact and that they have not been opened in any way, do not meet his expectations .

The buyer, after contact and agreement with Artisans Bubbles / DCM Services, will return the goods at his expense and perfectly packed, within fourteen (14) days to the following address, Artisans Bubbles / DCM Services , 80 avenue Gustave Latinis, 1030 Brussels, Belgium.

The following conditions will be met:

  • The customer will have contacted service at the customers by e-mail, . An RMA will be sent to him.
  • Only unopened boxes in the original packaging and intact bottles in their original packaging will be accepted in return.
  • Bottles with a taste cork will be subject to a specific return procedure with possible displacement of a member of staff of Artisans Bubbles / DCM Services. They will undergo a control / expertise by the winegrower supplier and a possible expert office.

Will not be exchanged in this context:

  • The bottles which would be more only slightly damaged.
  • Bottles for which the original cork cannot be supplied.
  • "Sick" wines due to too long storage or in an unsuitable place (for example 5 years or more, at hot temperatures, location with strong odors)
  • Wines which are oxidized by dehydration (stored vertically in a storage place that is too dry or too hot) < / li>
  • Wines that have not been purchased from Artisans Bubbles / DCM Services

  • The client will provide the RMA and a copy of his purchase order or invoice accompanied by the delivery note from the transporter.
  • Artisans Bubbles / DCM Services will be able to check the serial or lot numbers of the returned items if necessary
  • Return transport r will be charged to the customer, unless prior written agreement.

If all the conditions are met, the customer will be reimbursed for the corresponding amount already paid within 30 days after receipt and control of the goods returned by a transfer to the bank account indicated by the customer, or to the bank account used during the initial payment. The invoiced shipping costs remain due.