Champagne Régis Poissinet

In the beginning was the vine. ..

The vine links the sky to the earth. Its roots go back to the deep elements of the soil and its leaves capture solar energy. And thanks to the careful help from man, the grapes become the living fruit of this exchange.

At Champagne Régis Poissinet we seek to get as close as possible to nature.

Our vines, we listen to them carefully to accompany them as naturally as possible. Because we believe that only an approach that respects the laws of nature can reveal Champagnes of ' purity and ' dazzling precision.

Respectful viticulture requires a winemaking process that is just as

Chez Champagne Régis Poissinet, we are driven by a real passion for our wines which we bring up in the same spirit of respect, openness and freedom. Be at ' listen to each tank, each barrel, accompany rather than ' intervene and know s ' delete to let things happen as naturally as possible, that is our motto.

Our Champagne wines surprise with their energy, their incisive righteousness and their fruitiness. They speak openly, without make-up, but always with great elegance. A harmonious balance between freshness and structure that causes intense emotion. Our approach to the vine and wine, rigorously respectful of nature and the living, brings its share of transformations and changes that require time.

Irizée, the very first vintage of the new Estate, is now available. D other vintages are in the process of being developed and will enrich our future collection. Let’s give them time to ' blossom quietly.

For 5 generations, the tradition of Champagne wines has been perpetuated according to the same principle of the founder. Today the family spirit remains. From the vineyard to the wines, vigilance and qualitative requirements dictate the conduct to be followed. The different Cuvées are made with a concern for respect for the environment and the terroir.

Our 7 hectare vineyard, centered on the 2 banks of the Marne Valley, brings together the 3 Champagne grape varieties: Chardonnay (15%), Pinot Meunier (80%) and Pinot noir (5%).

Harvesting owner and member of the Independent Winegrowers, the family estate is located in Cuchery (near Epernay , Reims and Dormans).

With 30 years of experience, Régis Poissinet personalizes his assemblies by bringing them complexity and knowledge - make it unique. Having transmitted his passion to his son, Maxime Poissinet has now joined the Poissinet family farm ...

The property is in the process of Organic and Biodynamic certification