Champagne François Secondé


François secondé left school at the age of 14 and started to work as an apprentice then a wine worker.

He rented a vineyard and bought his first plot in 1972. In 1976, he took 3 hectares of vines for rent and with the With the help of his wife Anne-Marie, he set out to manipulate it.

Today, Champagne François Secondé uses 5 ha 50 of vines, 2/3 of which are Pinot Noir and 1/3 Chardonnay on the terroirs. de Sillery, Mailly-Champagne, Puilsieux and Verzenay. The vineyard, whose average age is 37 years, is cultivated in sustainable viticulture with respect for Nature and Men.


The reputation of Sillery dates from the beginning of XVII century with Nicolas Brûlart (owner of Château de Sillery and vineyards) who is Chancellor D'Henry IV. The Brûlarts have their reds tasted at the court, thus giving Sillery a flattering reputation. At its peak in the 18th century, the fame of Sillery is recounted by Edme Béguillet, lawyer at the parliament of Dijon, oenologist, little inclined to friendliness for Champenois, he said in 1770 of Sillery wines "they have such a superior quality that we reserve them for the king's mouth. " The Comtesse de Genlis (Woman of Letters), descendant of the Brûlart de Sillery Family will write that Jean-Jacques Rousseau loved a kind of Sillery wine, onion skin color and that she and her husband almost fell out with him because he found himself offended that the Comte de Genlis had brought him a basket of 25 bottles of Sillery wine instead of 2 bottles.