Champagne F. Cossy


It was in 1764 that vines entered the Cossy family. At the time, the goal was not to make wine, but to produce grapes, and to try to make the best possible living from them. After a particularly difficult start to the 20th century for Champagne winegrowers, between phylloxera crisis and economic crises, Sophie's grandparents chose, in the 1950s, to attempt champagne production and marketing. To diversify. To try to make a living from their profession. To simply dare. “My grandfather was a brilliant man who liked projects. My grandmother was courageous, hardworking, and ready to follow him on this adventure. And it worked… My father was the second son in the family and therefore was not destined to take over the vineyard. He was promised a career as an artisan butcher! ". But Francis deeply loves his land, his profession and the vineyard. After an inconclusive test in the butcher's shop, he therefore made the choice to return to the farm, supported and supported by Geneviève, his wife.

This is where Sophie grew up. "I have always talked a lot with my parents about their job and our profession. My father liked to talk to us about his commitment, about Champagne history, about his pride in being part of this collective. It has nourished and built me ​​deeply. "Very young, Sophie was also involved in union and professional structures, both at local and regional level. “It was obvious to me. I wanted to defend, to build, to share, to exchange, to propose. I learned a lot. About me, my job and our region. "

When Francis died, Sophie was barely 26 years old. She therefore finds herself, with her mother, Geneviève, at the head of the estate. “We had to go there, move forward, learn even faster, try, sometimes make mistakes, try again, simply build. »In December 2017, Geneviève made the choice to finally enjoy !