Champagne Olivier Belin, Essômes-sur-Marne

Champagne Olivier Belin

Independent winegrower
Marne Valley
Essômes-sur-Marne and Château-Thierry
5 e generation
< div style = "text-align: center;"> Winemaker since 1997
8 ha divided into 17 plots
Grape variety of the vineyard:
60% Meunier, 30% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Noir
Orientations of the slopes EAST-SOUTH -EST and FULL SOUTH
Silty-clay, clay-limestone and sandy soils
Vines from 5 to 60 years old
Sustainable Viticulture and HVE approach
(High Environmental Value) < / div>
Work of the grounds in alternation of grassing
Vinification in thermo-regulated vats and barrels of oak
Vinification in plots and by soil type
Malolactic fermentation carried out, < / div>
except on Belle de Saignée (Rosé from direct maceration)
No filtration
No cold,
just gluing immediately FML
Aging between 2 and 7 years on slats
after drawing depending on the vintage.
Production 40,000 bottles per year.


Olivier Belin, winemaker by profession, passionately cultivates the 17 plots of his estate with his team. Thanks to the hoeing and the maintenance of a natural plant cover, it produces sustainable viticulture throughout the year. He cherishes his old vines which perfectly express the temperament and minerality of his champagnes. He is particularly fond of Meunier, a typical and capricious grape variety from the Marne Valley which enriches his vintages. The pickings and pressing are controlled while respecting each type of soil - clay, limestone tuff, sands, silts ... - so much diversity which brings all the complexity of each Belin cuvée. The vinification takes place in small thermoregulated stainless steel vats and barrels. Olivier produces 6 unique cuvées including “Bel Instant” (90% Meunier), “Bleu Chic” (the Meunier highlighted by Chardonnay), “Clair Obscur” (osmosis between Pinot and Meunier exalted by vinification in barrels) and “Belle < span class = "s5"> de Saignée ” (100% Meunier from a plot on sands planted in 1961 by his grandfather Henri Planson).