Champagne Xavier Leconte

In Troissy-Bouquigny, on the left bank of the Marne, Champagne Xavier Leconte lives in the heart of an endless passion, transmitted and increased tenfold from father to son for six generations ... From cycle to cycle, Xavier, the father, and Alexis Leconte are driven by a constant ambition to innovate by perpetuating traditions. They draw from their respectful foray into the vines, the aromas and finesse of their future champagnes. These are vinified in stainless steel tanks and oak barrels in the hamlet of Bouquigny. They become there, the infinite mirrors of their terroir ...


Alexis takes care of his vineyard and his wines in a singular way, since he bases his actions, as did his grandfather Aimé, on the lunar cycles. He applies his practices based on the natural cycle of the Earth in the most qualitative vines, but also in the cellar, during the transition to cold, draw and disgorgement.

Alexis' attention to old sayings are also preponderant, observer of Nature, he listens and considers the beliefs of his ancestors, with for primary aspiration to elaborate wines of qualities and in agreement with the House style.


At Xavier Leconte Champagne, the grape varieties are vinified at 25% in barrels and 75% in thermoregulated stainless steel vats, and the plot cuvées are vinified only in oak barrels.

Indeed, the House, with 40 barrels originating in Burgundy, elaborates champagnes with subtlety, complex and harmonious thanks to a barrel cellar, casks, and a stainless steel vat room.

La maison Xavier Leconte produces champagnes, Coteaux champenois and ratafias champenois.