FACCOLI - Franciacorta

The company bought in 1963 by Lorenzo Faccoli is a family business in the south-west of "Franciacorta", on the slopes of Mont Orphan where the clay-limestone soil is difficult to cultivate. However, this terroir appreciates and rewards the efforts made to produce high quality grapes.

The FACCOLI "farm" currently extends over eleven hectares, of which 5.5 hectares are devoted to vines, to vineyards dedicated to Chardonnay - 3, Pinot Blanc - 1.5 and Pinot Noir - 2. These grapes harvested by hand are intended for the production of FRANCIACORTA. Lorenzo Faccoli produced it for the first time in 1979.

Today, the Faccoli firm produces four cru de FRANCIACORTA in the Brut, Extra Brut, Rosé and Dosage Zéro Vintage types. In addition, the Faccoli produce, on the basis of the harvests of exceptional years, a FRANCIACORTA Réserve Extra Brut Millésimé which will age on lees for at least ten years, the extra-brut "Late Disgorgement".

FRANCIACORTA is obtained only by a second fermentation in the bottle and the slow action of the yeasts. Franciacorta bottles remain on the lees for at least two years to achieve the desired maturation of the wine. The Franciacorta is kept in the silent underground cellars. It is thus ensured a development of these incomparable aromas which make FRANCIACORTA famous all over the world.

The FACCOLI Family, they are independent winegrowers from Franciacorta who produce the wines they like, which are in their image.