Rosso "Ricanto" - Rosso dell'Emilia I.G.T. - 0,75l

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Rosso « Ricanto »

Rosso dell’Emilia I.G.T. 

Vin Rouge Tranquille



    R O S S O D E L L ’ E M I L I A I G T

    C E R T I F I C A T O B I O L O G I C O

    Mechanical harvest in the coldest hours of the day

    First phase of fermentation with maceration on the skins


    Conclusion of fermentation in steel tanks

    Prolonged aging in steel and barrique

    Cut between the steel batch and the barrel match


    Long stay in the bottle before going out on the market

    Vinification : 

    Grapes : 100% Ancellotta

    Soil: clayish

    Planting density: 3000 plants/ha

    Fruit tree forms: unilateral guyot with 13-14gems

    Colour: Intense red with purple hues

    Aroma: The nose brings back to the most complex, structured reds wines, perfectly linking those that are the varietal aromas of the vine: blueberry, currant and cherry with the most complex notes of vanilla and black cherry in alcohol.

    Taste: On the palate it is presented with remarkable delicacy, almost on tiptoe, and then ends with the classic acidity and flavor typical of our wines given by the vine and the clayey soil. The 3 years of bottle give it elegance and smooth the edges making the drink fluid and a marked pleasantness.

    Serving temperature: 14 – 16 °

    The tasting fully resumes what is the strength of Emilia: freshness and pleasantness.

    To achieve greater balance and complexity, 80% refines inside steel tanks and 20% in oak barrels.

    The percentages may vary slightly from year to year depending on the organoleptic characteristics linked to the harvest