Rosé Brut Assemblage/Blend

Champagne René Jolly

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This Rosé is a blend of 15% red wine and 85% white base wine.

Red wine is obtained after 8 days of maceration of the Pinot Noir berries.


The juice dyes on contact with the film. It’s a very complex process, difficult to master. The material and the know-how are preponderant.

To do this we use specific stainless steel tanks.

The white wine comes exclusively from Chardonnay.

We take advantage of its finesse and complexity.

This rosé Champagne of a strong color has an unexpected freshness. The fruity nose is of course found in the mouth, but its lightness is remarkable.

On light meat or a dessert with red fruits.

Alcohol: 12% vol -

Sugar: 10 g / l -

Malic Acid: 0.2 g / l - pH: 3, 14

Total SO2: 35 mg / l -

Total acidity: 4.3 g / l H2SO4 -

Dry extract: 29.2 g