Irizée Meunier (sérigraphie)

Champagne Régis Poissinet

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The personification of the rainbow

In Greek mythology, Iris, messenger of the gods symbolizes the bond between the earth and the sky, the gods and the men.

Irizée is the very first cuvée of the new Domaine Champagne Régis Poissinet.

As such, it perfectly reflects our vision, our commitment and our values. Bright, straight and free and yet firmly anchored in its terroir,
it dares to transcend conventions.

From the first sip, you have the feeling of being one with this great wine that slides like silk and excites the taste buds.

The mouth offers a unique experience: delicate and generous, saline and fruity, fresh and structured, subtle and of remarkable length - Irizée reconciles us with paradoxes.


Perfectly balanced and very elegant, it transports the taster with its energy and vibrant verticality.

Emotion is at its peak!

100% Pinot Meunier, Irizée is a rare cuvée born from the careful selection of the best juices from the 2013 vintage, also called "cuvée de cuvée". Aged in barrels (50%) and in vats (50%), cuffed and unfiltered, it is very weakly dosed (3.4g / l).

On April 18, 2017, 1702 extra-brut bottles of the 2013 vintage have been disgorged.