Champagne Piot-Sevillano

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Cuvée created only with the 2012 harvest, considered by professionals to be the harvest of the century, our Brut Nature is incredibly fresh and fruity, allowing us to discover the aromatic potential of our terroir.

Blending : 70% Pinot Meunier 15% Pinot Noir 15% Chardonnay Harvest of the year 2012

Work of the vine: Work with the “High environmental value” certification and zero herbicide and zero insecticide philosophy. We work on 8 hectares of vines in mono terroir since all the plots are in our village of Vincelles.

Vinification Pressing at the property. Vinification in thermo-regulated vats, cold passage, alcoholic and malolactic fermentation carried out. Sulphite level reduced to a minimum.

Draft April 2013

Dosage 0 g / l

Disgorgement December 2018

Aging on lees 3 years

Sommelier's note "A tonic wine under the sign of elegance, its subtle dosage emphasizes the side both mineral and fruity, its expressive mouth gives it in this youth a promising impetus. »Frédéric Pagneux, sommelier consultant

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