N°3 - Extra Brut, Grand Cru

Champagne Lucien Roguet

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Recently entered the range, the Extra-Brut has become a benchmark for experienced amateurs.

This almost liquor-free champagne (sugar added before corking) results from a particular selection of our wines and expresses all the expression of our terroir. Slightly full-bodied, this cuvée with a strong character hides a beautiful minerality.
You will appreciate it fully, alone or with Italian dry cheeses for example.

Recently added to the range, the Extra-Brut has become a reference for connoisseurs.

This Champagne which receives a very low dosage and is crafted from carefully selected reserve wines reflects our terroir. A full-bodied and well-structured cuvée with a beautiful minerality to be enjoyed on its own or with aged Italian cheese.


  • Assemblage : Pinot Noir, Chardonnay
  • Terroir: 100% Mailly-Champagne; Plot Selection
  • Dosage: 2g / L
  • Aging: 3 years minimum before disgorgement