Cuvée Réserve, Premier Cru

Champagne Gaidoz-Forget

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This pale yellow wine reveals a train of lively bubbles. Its nose reveals scents of dried flowers, caramel with vanilla butter.
Its complex mouth where the liveliness of stewed citrus (orange) and granny apple, precedes a nice long and fresh finish.

The blend of this cuvée is composed of 50% pinot meunier, 25% pinot noir and 25% chardonnay. The Brut Réserve ages for 6 years in our cellars.

Vinification :

Traditional vinification in temperature-controlled vats with malolactic fermentation. The wine does not undergo any fining, but a filtration before bottling. The blend is made up of 50% reserve wine and 50% from the last harvest.

Features :

  • Grape varieties:
    • Meunier 50%,
    • Pinot Noir 25%,
    • Chardonnay 25%
    • Vintages: blend of 2010 and 2011
    • Edition: April 2012
    • Dosage: Gross: 6 g / L
    • Disgorgement: September 2018 < / li>
    • Crus: 1er Cru from the Montagne de Reims
    • Origin: Ludes - Taissy - Trois Puits