Champagne René Jolly

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Barrels and corks

The oak of the barrels, with a fine and tight grain, comes from our valley. A gentle double heating of the wood will melt nuances of perfect toast and vanilla. The basic wine of Editio spent 8 weeks there, calm.

During aging in the cellar, the cork stopper allows Editio to evolve according to its own density which is random. Each bottle therefore has a unique character.

Editio is numbered and presented in a special box with its stopper and aging staple.


To perfect this set, we have specially designed a carbon wire plate. Molded and polished by hand, the workshop makes a maximum of 24 per day. This rare plate will seduce collectors.

Aged cuvée on stopper and staple. Original Method.

50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay - pure 2005 - dosage 7g / l. < / p>

Alcohol: 12% vol - Sugar: 6 g / l

Malic Acid: 0 g / l - Total SO2: 30 mg / l - pH: 3.18

Total acidity: 4.1 g / l H2SO4 - - Dry extract: 29.9 g / l

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