Cuvée Spéciale RJ Rosé de Saignée

Champagne René Jolly

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This exceptional rosé maceration cuvée contains 100% Pinot Noir.

From our so-called "la Guignelle" plot, these grapes were carefully sorted and then scraped before being placed in the vat.

The juice takes on the color and strength of the grape during these few hours of contact.

Then comes malolactic fermentation and a few months of aging in vats.

Only one cuvée is made per decade.

The 2017 draw yielded 4,630 bottles.

Discover the strength of Pinot Noir Rosé.

Dressed by hand and numbered. </p>

Alcohol: 12% vol -

Sugar: 10 g / l -

Malic acid: 0 g / l - pH: 3.32

Total SO2: 20 mg / l -

total: 2.6 g / l H2SO4 -

Dry extract 25.8 g / L