Agéius 2015 - Blanc de Noir grand cru of Aÿ - 0,75l

Domaine AXO - Alexis Leconte

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AGEIUS 2015 100% Pinot Noir

Domaine AXO - Champagne Alexis

First champagne that Alexis Leconte markets under his company, Domaine AXO.

For follow his requirements, Alexis cultivates vines in Aÿ, Grand Cru de Champagne, always along his river, the Marne.

For his first champagne, he offers us a vintage 2015 100% pinot noir.

A champagne without compromise.

A champagne for lovers of Pinot Noir.

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  • vintage 2015 -
  • 100% Pinot Noir
  • Terroir: Aÿ - Grand cru - Clays, Chalk

This cuvée is the very expression of the minerality of the Aÿ terroir. The power of Aÿ Pinots Noirs is enhanced by the delicacy of the chalky subsoil.

Its t old fashioned cork stopper look l ui gives flavors of yesteryear.

Limited quantity.

Tasting by Delphin CORNAILLE
  • A l'Oei! : Golden yellow, Luminous
Before aeration, we are in the presence of pretty ripe and frank small fruits, candied apricot, as well as notes of macerated red fruits such as blueberry marmalade, Maras des bois strawberry ...
After aeration confirms the sharpness of the dominant fruit aromas but also a slight smoky empyreumatic presence.
  • In the mouth : We have a wine with a beautiful vinic dimension. A bubble with a discreet presence.

Regarding the aromas, we find all the aromatic palette that we had on the nose, with a development around stone fruits such as nectarine and apricot.

  • Conclusion
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We are in the presence of a champagne with a great vinic dimension and a subtle structure of bubbles . For this wine the flavors are consistent between the nose and the mouth! Yellow fruits, White fruits, Red fruits as well as a slight empyreumatic presence complete this rich palette! We can thus detect the blueberry marmalade, small Maras de bois strawberries, nectarines, nectarines, roasted peaches.
All this register of fruit at good maturity and above all, full of gluttony!
A harmonious, balanced wine, a well-blended dosage and a very good length!
Especially not to serve too cold, around 9/10 o c would be appreciable ...
Excellent Tasting !
    • Short comment:

Here a subtle combination of structure, aromas of ripe fruit, a beautiful controlled liveliness and great length!