Champagne Piot-Sevillano

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This less dosed cuvée brings out citrus notes, it is a fresh champagne and ideal for discerning amateurs, to be tasted during dinner aperitifs and with appetizers based on fish and shellfish.

Blending : 85% Meunier 15% Chardonnay

Work in the vineyard Work with the "Haute" certification environmental value ”and a zero herbicide and zero insecticide philosophy. We work on 8 hectares of vines in mono terroir since all the plots are in our village of Vincelles.

Vinification Pressing at the property. Vinification in thermoregulated vats, cold passage, alcoholic and malolactic fermentation carried out. Sulphite level reduced to a minimum.

Draft March 2016

Dosage 3.5 g / l

< p> Disgorgement February 2019

Aging on lees 36 months

Sommelier's note "Wine offering an aromatic precision and an exceptional clarity in the mouth, its meticulous dosage reveals a panel of dried fruits and gives way to a flawless mineralization. Reserved for an informed public, it will be able to impose itself on no other solo or as an aperitif. »Frédéric Pagneux, sommelier council

Pairings : Watermelon kebab and young gouda Quinoa sushi and jasmine shrimps Spelled and soy citrus pancakes