Blanc de Noirs Extra Pur

Champagne René Jolly

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75% of our vineyard is planted with Pinot Noir.

This bottle represents the strength of René Jolly's production.

It is worth remembering that only the skin of these grapes is black. The juice and pulp are white. So, we have to transport them quickly and crush them gently to avoid any untimely coloring. Our two 4000 kg Coquard presses extract the best.

Without dosage (0 g / l) it reveals champagne as it is in the cellar, before disgorging: fresh and fine.

Developed for insiders.

Alcohol: 12% vol - Sugar: 0 g/l

< i> Malic Acid: 0 g/l - total SO2: 16 mg/l - pH: 3.07

Total acidity: 4.6 g / l H2SO4 - Dry extract : 21.4 g / l